Washing, dry cleaning & ironing

Dry cleaning & ironing per item

Cleaned and ironed clothing, delivered on a hanger.

Washing & folding per kilo

Washed and folded clothing (not ironed).
  • Minimum order amount (dry cleaning + washing): €30,-
  • Free pick-up and delivery whenever you like
  • 115 years of Miele experience for perfectly clean clothing
  • Not satisfied? Money back

Questions about payments and pricing

The minimum order amount is €30,-. The total cost of your order depends on your handed-in laundry. Dry cleaning and ironing items are priced per item. Unsorted laundry is priced per kilo. Pick-up and delivery is always free.


You fill your laundry bag with 5 dress shirts, one jacket, and 2 kilos of unsorted laundry. The total amount of your order is: 15 + 11 + 10 = 36 euro.

With your first order, you authorize Miele to charge the total amount of the order from your bank account or credit card. You can do this by making a payment of 0,01 via iDeal or credit card.

The total amount of your order will be charged after we’ve returned your clean laundry. An invoice will be sent by email.

Our laundry bag fits 6 kilos easily. This equals +/- 30 pieces of clothing or 2-3 washes at home. You can fill up the laundry bag all the way to the edge, as long as the bag can be closed properly.

Do you have more laundry then fits in the bag? Ask our courier for an extra laundry bag.

Did you know that...

  • We wash all your clothing in our professional Miele laundrette
  • we use more than 20 washing and drying programs for the best result
  • we deliver on a bike with a trailer. The environment loves us
  • we always round down when weighing the laundry
  • we iron for free when the laundry comes out wrinkled