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Questions about our service

1. Pick up
In advance, you receive a cotton laundry bag which you can fill with your unsorted laundry. Then we come by to pick up your laundry at a moment that suits you.

2. Washing & ironing
Our laundry experts clean your clothing with the biggest care. And of course, we treat every kind of textile and color differently.

3. Delivery
Our deliverer returns your clean laundry whenever it suits you. Everything is neatly folded or hanged, you are instantly ready for your work or a party.

After your order confirmation, we send a laundry bag to your pick up address. In the event you didn’t receive your laundry bag in time, our courier has a spare laundry bag with him.

Our laundry bag fits 6 kilos easily. This equals +/- 30 pieces of clothing or 2-3 washes at home.

You can fill up the laundry bag all the way to the edge, as long as the bag can be closed properly. If you turn in more than 6 kilos we will charge you per extra kilo.

You can fill up the bag with your unsorted laundry. Our Miele laundry experts will sort out your laundry by textile and color.

We return all items folded or on hangers.

Returned on hangers: dress shirts, blouses, dresses and other pieces of clothing that are best kept unfolded.


We deliver all your hang items on iron hangers. You can return them to our courier with your next order so we can re-use them.

We iron the following items by standard procedure:

  • Dress shirts
  • Jeans
  • Trousers
  • Wrinkled outerwear
  • Linnen


We don’t offer dry-cleaning at the moment. However, we will enable this in the near future.

We are delighted to! It is possible to make a repeat appointment when you place a new order, or within your account. With a repeat appointment we visit weekly, biweekly or every 4 weeks at a fixed time. Of course you can pause, change or stop a repeat appointment at any time.

We are currently active in Amsterdam, on postal codes:

1011 – 1019

1051 – 1059

1071 – 1079

1091 – 1094

1096 – 1098

We will soon expand to other postal codes!

We are very sorry to hear that! Please let us know why so we can find the right solution.

Damn, we messed up! Please let us know what you are missing via support@mielelaundryclub.com or 06 23 08 91 35.

We wash with the best possible equipment and deal with your laundry with the utmost care. If something has gone wrong, let us know!

Questions about pick up and delivery

We work with a logistics partner for pick up and delivery of your laundry. After you’ve selected a 4-hour time window when placing your order, we will send you a 1-hour time window on the day of delivery.

Unfortunately not. Because our routes are continuously optimized for optimal delivery, it is not possible to take individual preferences into account.

Until 24 hours in advance, you can make changes in your account. Within 24 hours please contact us via support@mielelaundryclub.com or 06 23 08 91 35.

Did you miss our courier? Please contact us to make a new appointment.

You can cancel up to 4 hours before the pick-up time.

Questions about our washing process

Your clothing is being washed by trained Miele laundry professionals. They make use of the best possible equipment and more than a century of laundry experience.

Our Miele laundry experts treat your clothing with great care. Various washing and drying processes are used for different types of textile for optimal results. Our professional Miele machines are equipped with specified programs for wool, silk and other textiles.

If you have a question about a specific article or special material, you can contact us at support@mielelaundryclub.com or 06 23 08 91 35.

Unfortunately not! Old stains are very hard to handle. However, we use the best stain removers available to return your clothing as clean as possible.

We iron the following items by standard procedure:

  • Dress shirts
  • Jeans
  • Trousers
  • Wrinkled outerwear
  • Linnen

Currently we only work with washing machines & dryers. It is therefore not possible to hand in leather, suede or tailored suits. If you have a question about a specific article or special material, please contact us at support@mielelaundryclub.com or +31 6 23 08 91 35.

Each garment is provided with a washing label by the manufacturer. This washing label is used by us as a guideline for the treatment. In the absence or poor readability of the washing label, our Miele laundry experts use their expertise to treat the garment as well as possible. The responsibility for the garment, however, does not lie with Miele.

We use our expertise to treat this garment as well as possible, but the responsibility is no longer with Miele.

If you still have doubts or a question about a specific article / special substance, please contact support@mielelaundryclub.com or 06 23 08 91 35.

Questions about payments and prices

With your first order, you’re asked to authorize Miele to withdraw the total order amount from your bank account or credit card. To do this, you need to make a 1 cent payment via iDeal or credit card.

The total order amount is automatically withdrawn after you’ve received your clean laundry. The invoice of your order is sent to your email address.

The total cost of your order depends on the items you’ve handed in. Our pricing is as follows:

  • 35,- per laundry bag (0-6kg)
  • + 5,- per extra kilo laundry (rounded down)
  • + 1,75 per turned in hang item (like dress shirts)


If you turn in 7,5 kilos of laundry, including 4 dress shirts, the total cost of your order is: 35 + 5 + 7 = 47 euro.