Perfectly clean and ironed clothing

Delivered within 48 hours in Amsterdam

Miele quality


Pick up, washing, ironing, and delivery: we go for the total package. And with 115 years of washing experience, you can leave that task to us with confidence.

More spare time

Nothing is better than having more time for fun things. During your sports practice or relaxing dinner, you don’t have to think of overdue laundry again.

Ironed dress shirts

Dress shirts are the worst to iron. Right? Our laundry experts make sure your dress shirts return spotless to your closet.

Laundry & Ironing service

From 35,-

  • Free pick up and delivery
  • Dress shirts delivered on hangers
  • Premium Miele quality for perfectly clean clothing
  • Money back guarantee

Ready for your first laundry?

Miele Laundry Club is a new service. Currently, we are only active in Amsterdam and the pick up and delivery slots are limited. But don’t worry, we are getting better every day. We hope to see your laundry soon!